Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg oversees all aspects of The Fiscal Times' website and email newsletter, from editorial to audience and business development. Before being named editor in chief, he served as executive editor and business editor. Yuval has also worked at Newsweek, Fortune, Fast Company and WNYC. His writing has appeared in publications including BusinessWeek, CNBC.com, CNNMoney.com, Fast Company, Fortune, Newsweek, Money and Time.

Recent Stories By Yuval Rosenberg:

  • GOP Scrambles to Send a Pre-Election Message on Pre-Existing ConditionsOctober 15, 2018

    From The Hill’s Jessie Hellmann: “Thirty-two of the 49 GOP incumbents in races deemed competitive by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report have backed congressional measures on pre-existing...

  • Chart of the Day: The Surge in Medicare Advantage EnrollmentOctober 15, 2018

    Enrollment in Medicare Advantage, the government-funded private health plans that serve as an alternative to traditional Medicare, has doubled since 2010, writes Phil Galewitz at Kaiser Health News...

  • Trump’s New Medicaid Chief Is a Medicaid CriticOctober 15, 2018

    The Trump administration has reportedly named Mary Mayhew, a former Maine health commissioner, as deputy administrator and director of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)....

  • Trump Administration Seeks to Force Drugmakers to Post Prices in AdsOctober 15, 2018

    The Trump administration is pushing ahead with its plan to require drugmakers to disclose their list prices for medications in consumer advertising, much as they warn about possible side effects. The...

  • Federal Deficit Jumps 17 Percent to $779 BillionOctober 15, 2018

    Despite a strong economy and robust job market, the federal budget deficit swelled to $779 billion in fiscal 2018, up $113 billion from 2017, according to final numbers released Monday by the...

  • Can Democrats Win with Medicare for All?October 12, 2018

    Axios’ Caitlin Owens reports that most Democrats running in competitive House races this year “are supporting or at least leaving the door open to some form of ‘Medicare for All,’” — though just what...

  • Mnuchin Spins a False Claim About Tax Cuts and the DeficitOctober 12, 2018

    The Congressional Budget Office projected last week that the federal government’s fiscal 2018 deficit would total $782 billion. The final numbers will be released by the Treasury Department, but...

  • A Fiscal Hawk’s New Plan to ‘Avert a Debt Crisis’October 11, 2018

    The national debt rose by more than $1 trillion in fiscal 2018, and yet lawmakers have evinced little concern about it ahead of this year’s elections, instead pushing tax cuts and spending increases...

  • Average Premiums for Benchmark Obamacare Plans Will Drop in 2019October 11, 2018

    The average premium for benchmark silver plans on Obamacare exchanges will fall by 1.5 percent next year, the Trump administration said Thursday. The decline is the first for this benchmark since the...

  • Photo of the Day: Kanye West at the White HouseOctober 11, 2018

    This is 2018: Kanye West visited President Trump at the White House Thursday and made a rambling 10-minute statement that aired on TV news networks. West’s lunch with the president was supposed to...

  • Trump’s Border Wall: A Christmastime Clash Is ComingOctober 11, 2018

    There won’t be much holiday cheer on Capitol Hill this year, Politico’s Playbook warns: “Over the last few days, we’ve seen a massive ramp-up of the ‘build-the-wall’ rhetoric from key Hill...

  • The Trump Tax Cuts Still Aren't PopularOctober 10, 2018

    With less than a month to go before the midterm elections, Americans still tend to disapprove of the Republican tax law passed last year — and still say that they haven’t seen an increase in their...

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